Great Games for 6 Year Olds

Great Games for 6 + Year Olds

We have recommended some Absolutely Best Games for 4 – 6 year olds in a previous post. There is no doubt that those games will be played for years to come, but when kids are 6 years old they can do more. They have better dexterity, they are open to trying all kinds of games and activities, they have better coordination, they are looking for special challenges.

I like the games we suggest here because in addition to being inline with our Age Appropriate Skills Kids Can Learn, they are high on the FUN scale.

House of Marbles Miniature Pocket Kite

They can start learning to run with this kite when they’re 5 years but when they are 6 years old they start to realize where the wind is comng from and what direction makes the kite fill up with air and fly, which direction it flops. It’s a great outlet to run around at the park.

I think kids love this kite because it is easy to use, it doesn’t easily get tangled. You can just stuff it back in its pocket and it’s very light. We keep it always in the car but I keep meaning to pack it in our suitcase when we go to the beach…

Jump Rope

In my opinion jumping rope is up there with riding a bike. Specially for girls. There are a ton of games girls can play with friends or by themselves. I think boys get into it too given the right circumstances.

Learning to jump rope is not easy. It’s a skill that requires a lot of practice, concentration, and some frustration. And then more practice to get good at it, which is great practice in and of itself to learn anything.

However, buying a kid a jump rope is kind of like buying shoes when they’ve learned to walk. It has to be a good jump rope. It should have a nice weight to it, it should be adaptable to their height, and it should be comfortable to hold.


The illustrations are awesome. The game rules are really fun. It is a perfect step up from the Go Fish Animal Cards. It is a fast game. You do have to help a 6 year old read and understand the rules and how to play it but once they get it they can easily teach another friend how to play. We have the one we recommend here, the collectors edition, it comes in a cute tin lunch box to keep your cards and I think it just feels more like a toy with the special box.

UNO Card Game

Do I really need to spell it out? Kids can learn to play this game when they are 6 years old. They’ll learn the rules and the more they play they’ll start developing strategies. By the time they are 7 or so they can be infallible! They use a lot of mental agility, focus, and thinking of strategies a few moves ahead of time. It’s priceless. I spent two summers playing UNO with my daughter and her friends and I have to say they were some of the funnest times of the summer.

We got the regular deck but ours is thrashed after just one summer. If you plan to take it on trips and have the whole family play with it I would, and will, spend a little more and get the plastic waterproof set.

BeanBoozled Jelly Bean Spinner

I can’t play this game because it is really disgusting. Unless you’re 6 years old. Don’t be put off, 6 year olds are not like adults in so many ways. BeenBoozled is a case in point. Kids love this game because they rejoice in gross things and also they love eating sugary treats. You may get sweaty socks or you may get lime, you just don’t know what you are going to get, and that is half the fun.

I have seen kids that are super picky eaters get very adventurous by trying every jelly bean in this game. Parents tell kids all the time: “at least just try it” and BeanBoozle I think reinforces that concept in a really gruesome and exciting way.

Paper Airplanes

I highly recommend showing your child how to make paper airplanes. It is simple, it can be played anywhere and there is a lot of observation that will ring bells when they study physics. In fact, you can bring up the concept or aerodynamics, propulsion, etc. when you make different models and maybe have competitions.

By the way, I love the set we recommend here and I love the little build it yourself paper plane launch pad kit by 4M. It makes a great addition with the paper airplane kit, specially if you are looking for a cool gift.


We named outd Cleaners, but the name on the box is 4M Brush Robot. It has become like a pet. I love the premise that you can make something out of anything, in this case a robot. I have a homeschool friend that is an engineer and has all kinds of bits, circuits, engines and supplies, to make robots, but I have no knowledge of want exactly to get so I really liked this kit because it was simple enough for a six year old to follow the instructions and build it. I had to help a little bit with a couple of parts that required stronger hands, but a 6 year old can wire the motor, hook it up to the battery pack, screw in the screws, and assemble most of it.