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We will continue to add to this list. But I believe at some point it will be very difficult to catch up because the media as well as more and more families are catching on to how essential the option to homeschool is going to be. It feels as if we are a sliver of the kids. It feels as if we are a minority’s, but people are doing this all over the world.

They are not crazy, they are not a bunch of dreadlocks headed hippies, they are not religious fanatics or fundamentalists -there are some of those in school and homeschool- they are highly educated parents, parents deeply concerned and involved in their kids’ education. The circumstances are a little different depending on where in the United States or the world they are in. The only thing that makes us different is that we don’t think it is necessary to recreate how we ourselves grew up and how we were educated.

The below articles support and advocate for the same we do here in True Jedis. And there are some neat online resources below too.

Less-structured time in children’s daily lives predicts self-directed executive functioning

This article is precious. It is actually a study about unstructured play and self-directed executive functioning. It explains why is executive functioning so important and in fact more important than IQ in the impact it has on older kids and young adults.

What the New Tax Reform Law Means for Homeschooling Families

This is just some good to know tax information that pertains to homeschooling.


Homeschooling in Your State

Homeschooling is legal in all the States. But a few have higher regulation and most have lower regulation. You can click on the links for the individual states. Good resource to checkout.

Twenty percent of home-schooled kids are getting ‘unschooled.’ What’s that?

Nice to see this kind of articles pop up here and there.


This is a good resource by a big advocate and author of a book and several journal articles on Unschooling.

Parents are giving up on public schools to homeschool their kids

I like this article because I love New York. And as you know if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere so if homeschooling is big in New York, well…”parents are giving up public school”, that says it all.

5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus

““Calculations kids are forced to do are often so developmentally inappropriate, the experience amounts to torture,” she says. They also miss the essential point—that mathematics is fundamentally about patterns and structures, rather than “little manipulations of numbers,” as she puts it. It’s akin to budding filmmakers learning first about costumes, lighting and other technical aspects, rather than about crafting meaningful stories.”

Aha Parenting

This is a nice resource. I like the book by the author who’s book this website builds on. It is on our Highly Recommended Reading, Peaceful Parent Happy Kids. The website has many different contributors and a lot of advice about school age kids are related to getting kids to adapt to school, etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]